Hardwood style Swisstrax tiles used at a reception hall

Personalized for Every Occasion

When your customers rent out your event hall or center, they decorate it to make it their own. Pair safety with style and give your customers more opportunities to deck out your space.

Oregon Floor Safety’s Swisstrax tiles are durable and swappable. Keep a few sets on hand as a great value-add for your customers. Oregon Floor Safety can come in and install the tiles just before the big event.

Tiles are available in University of Oregon green and yellow, Oregon State black and orange, and many more! Looking for a more formal set? Swisstrax has hardwood-style and carpet-style options as well.

Prevent Slips and Protect Your Floor

Not only do Swisstrax tiles from Oregon Floor Safety look great, but they’re top-rated for safety. Organizers of food and beverage events will rest easy booking your space. Even in the face of spills, Swisstrax proprietary mix of anti-slip material will keep everyone on their feet.

Swisstrax also protect your floor against wear and tear. With a 15-year warranty, these tiles will make sure your floors can go much longer between refinishing, saving you money and maximizing your availability.

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