A gym locker room

Floor Coverings for Every Activity

Your gym or fitness center needs a variety of floor coverings for a variety of activities. Oregon Floor Safety has you covered for all of them.

Go Ahead, Drop the Weights

In the weight room, your floor needs to withstand a beating. Swisstrax from Oregon Floor Safety are the perfect fit. Built to withstand 3,150 PSI of compression, even those guys dropping their weights won’t ding your floor.

With the Ribtrax style, cleaning up is a breeze, too. Sweat drips right through the tiles and can easily be hosed down at the end of the day.

Spin Class, No Sweat

Need a more relaxing and inviting look? Swisstrax Vinyltrax give you the look of hardwood while withstanding any beating. Drag around equipment, work up a sweat, and don’t worry about your floor.

Hit the Showers

Locker rooms are wet by nature and are a prime opportunity for slip-and-fall accidents. Swisstrax are a great option for locker room floor covering, designed to prevent these accidents. Put them in your gym’s shower stalls and watch water, soap and sweat drain right through to the floor, while your members are kept up off the grime and out of harm’s way.

For locker room tile, Oregon Floor Safety specializes in SlipDoctors’ Stone Grip. It can be used on any stone surface including ceramic, terrazzo, porcelain, concrete and more, exceeding OSHA and ADA traction guidelines.

Deck Out Your Gym