Durable Flooring for Your Man Cave

You and your friends all hang out in your garage. It’s where you throw back beers and watch the game. It’s where you fix your cars. Like a true garage enthusiast, yours is decked out with Ninkasi neon, Ducks memorabilia, a tool chest with a built-in stereo and the biggest TV in the house.

Your floor should live up to your garage’s reputation. Bring in Oregon Floor Safety to cover that cold, cracked cement with Swisstrax Ribtrax Premium, Customizable Modular Floor Tiles. Get it in yellow and green for gameday. Swell with pride when your friends ooh and aah. Tell them Oregon Floor Safety hooked you up.

Easy Cleanup

Sure, it looks nice, but Swisstrax flooring is also practical. Dirt, grime, rainwater and motor oil drip down to the base floor, which can be easily power washed clean without removing any tiles.

These tiles are tough, and come with a 15-year warranty. If you manage to ding one up anyway, replacement is simple. Swap out one tile rather than resurfacing the whole floor, and get back to it.

Deck Out Your Garage In Green and Yellow