The kitchen at a restaurant

Kitchen Floor Applications Made to Handle the Heat

Spills in the kitchen are all but a given.  Make sure no one slips on them while working!  Oregon Floor Safety will install a transparent, durable, chemical resistant and non-slip coating that will endure the harsh conditions of the commercial kitchen!  Learn more by calling us!

Oregon Floor Safety also offers anti-fatigue tiles called Rubbertrax that can be placed in standing/working areas (or everywhere), interlocked with other styles (Ribtrax, Vinyltrax etc.) to cover any amount of ground. These premium modular tiles will save your employees pain and strain when on their feet at the counter or at the stove while also being anti-slip!

Keep it Classy While Keeping it Anti-Slip

For out in the dining area, Oregon Floor Safety has multiple great options. For old-world Italian stone floors, SlipDoctors’ Stonegrip treatment will add ADA-surpassing traction to your floors. It goes on clear, so you’ll still look great. It’s also great for concrete, ceramic tile, terazzo and many other stone floors.  So we’ve got your 50’s-style diner covered, too.

Hardwood or carpet floors? Oregon Floor Safety can install Swisstrax’s Vinyltrax (wood appearance) and Carpetrax options. These products protect your floors and provide traction in case of spills, while still looking great. Best of all, they have a 15-year warranty. Try getting that out of your carpet company.

Cover Your Restaurant, Front and Back