Spraying anti-slip solution onto the Kiefer Mazda lobby floor

Kiefer Mazda

Kiefer Mazda and Service Manager Ron Steury take great pride in ensuring that every client has a 5 star service experience. This includes meeting and exceeding OSHA safety and ADA accessibility guidelines for all their facilities.

Kiefer Mazda brought in Oregon Floor Safety to make sure every one of their employees working on clients' vehicles have the safest possible work environment. Oregon Floor Safety also ensured that the service lobby was safe for customers even in the midst of rain, oil, and other grime.

Before every install, large or small, Oregon Floor Safety has your floor professionally cleaned to ensure dirt and contaminants don't compromise our anti-slip applications. In Lane County, we utilize the services of HepaGraff Cleaning.

The pictures to the left are of the deep cleaning and application of our exclusive StoneGrip anti-slip treatment for Kiefer Mazda's customer service area tile.

Below is a time-lapse of HepaGraff at work deep cleaning Kiefer Mazda's service bay walkway!

Time lapse of deep cleaning followed by application of Slip Doctors' exclusive StoneGrip.

Entering the service bay from outside used to pose a slip hazard by tracking in water on rainy Oregon days.  The potential for a slip or fall in this area has been drastically reduced by utilizing our max traction product TuffGrip, which comes in many colors.  Once TuffGrip has been installed, we put down yellow and black traction tape for increased visibility and traction on the borders.