No one wants to do work for work's sake. Before bringing in your contractor or getting your floor treated, bring in Oregon Floor Safety to figure out just how slippery (or not) your floors are.

Meeting ADA and OSHA Standards

Did you know that the friction your floor provides can be measured with numbers? It's called a coefficient of friction, and every surface has one. Oregon Floor Safety's tools allow us to measure, in real terms, how safe your floor is, dry and wet.

We'll take that number, consider the kind of work being done on that surface, and suggest a path forward. Both OSHA and the ADA have standards when it comes to your floor's coefficient of friction. With Oregon Floor Safety, you can ensure your workplace is safe for your employees.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to take measurements on your floor!

People Love Oregon Floor Safety's Work

New Seasons Market in Portland, OR got everything they needed out of a quick audit from Oregon Floor Safety.

New Seasons Market hired Mr. Jason Gress to perform coefficient of friction testing for a newly installed floor at one of our locations. With the information he provided, we were able to leverage the contract with our flooring installer by comparing their work with the manufacturer’s specifications to create a safer work environment. I would highly recommend Jason.

- Elena